The International Policy Group (IPG) is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to sustainable Peace and Justice. Its mission is to generate and share knowledge on peace and justice to positively influence policies and politics. IPG is primary concerned with the governance, policy and institutional dynamics that impact on Peace and justice, especially in poor countries worldwide. Broadly, IPG is motivated by recognition that the existing global peace and justice policy system has not adhered to the principle of equality of nations. Itlargely reflects the hegemonic structure of the post-1945 world order and has not adjusted to the reality of fundamental changes in the international system. These rise of new powers and the mounting influence of non-state actors has provided opportunities to promote peace and justice, but also posed new challenges that might endanger these values. Scholarly and policy communities need to be informed of the challenges and opportunities to sustainable peace and justice. The IPG pursues its mandate by:
  • Engaging in research aimed at promoting peace and justice by addressing specific national, regional and global challenges and sharing knowledge through books, articles, reports, and other outlets;
  • Convene influential policymakers and scholars working on issues of peace and justice to debate the merits of frameworks through which peace and justice are promoted;
  • Hosting roundtable series to inform the policy and scholarly communities of emerging challenges and solutions to peace and justice at national and regional levels;
  • Providing a dynamic Web presence as a resource to researchers and policy communities on the issues related to the future of peace and justice
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